What we stand for

The ONE WORLD COMMUNITY is a spiritually oriented community in which different attitudes, beliefs and religions stand side by side on an equal footing.
As a community, we are open to all people who feel a spiritual longing and who are committed to the well-being of future generations.
We strive to spread peace and understanding in the world through a common language, attitude and action. Our basis is the 5 SUTRAS OF THE AQUARIUS AGE.

The community stands for:

  • Mindfulness and awareness in actions and in exchange with one another
  • Protection and balance of nature inside (people) and outside (environment)
  • Emancipation, diversity and equality
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Non-violence
  • Priority for alternative healing methods, e.g. homeopathy
  • Pedagogy without pressure to perform and conformity, e.g. Waldorf education
  • Natural birth
  • Dealing with death naturally
  • Biodynamic farming

Our vision is that conventional medicine and pharmacy serve life and are freely available to everyone. We reject mandatory or compulsory vaccinations.

As a religious community, we rely on the Basic Law to protect our faith and worldview.


    Unsere Gemeinschaft besteht aus mehreren lokalen Gruppen, einer bundesweiten Austauschgruppe (über telegram) und einer Organisationsgruppe. 


    Über uns

    Die ONE WORLD COMMUNITY ist eine offene spirituell orientierte Gemeinschaft auf Basis der 5 Sutras des Wassermann-Zeitalters.

    One World One Vision e.V. ist der Trägerverein der Gemeinschaft. 


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